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          As of May 1st, 2016, we are moving to a new registration method, so returning players will notice
          it is very different from the old system. It is very thorough, however once you have registered as a 
          user within our new format, via the Sport Ngin website, it'll save much of your information so you don't
          have to repeat it every season, and will also allow you a much nicer experience using our site. Soon
          a new website for C.V.C. will follow with much more to offer! 

          There is a list of leagues to register for in two places: the "Upcoming leagues" tab above, as well
          as within the registration process.  If you experience any trouble, please contact Aron as soon as     
          possible by clicking the link below, and we'll work to solve your issue.

          We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

          Always feel free to contact us directly if you have questions.  You may click here to contact Aron by 
          email. Don't forget to include any additional contact information.  

          NOTE: Step 1 - Become a Member via the image of the ball below. 
                      Step 2 - Register yourself or your team by either clicking the 'Welcome" in the grey box on the 
                                    left of the membership completion page, or return here and click the ball image again.
                                           (you can save that address for future use)

 you go.........


Click here to register for 2017 SUMMER outdoor volleyball 
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