Life's Too Short Not To Play!
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The Colorado Volleyball Connection was founded by Aron Blocher in the summer of 2002. It was formed for the pure desire of making available to the local community and her friends on the court, the formats they desired to play. It started out with women’s leagues, and has sprung over the years into a great mix of men, women and coed leagues, clinics and benefit tournaments.

C.V.C. has played in various venues in and around the Denver Metro area.  For the better part of a decade, C.V.C. has found a nice summer home in Lakewood for outdoor sand and grass leagues, utilizing their parks and recreation centers.  Our indoor Fall, Winter and Spring home is the rMac volleyball facility in Wheat Ridge.

C.V.C. is always happy to add players to their family, whether it is as a team, single player or a substitute player. C.V.C.’s aim is to provide a safe, fun, educational and competitive atmosphere in which to play volleyball and Wallyball, when offered. We even offer clinics for those who desire to learn how to play,or to better their skills.  So far; so good.

The future promises adding more tournaments and formats of play. C.V.C. is always open to feedback, and welcomes new ideas. If players desire a format not currently running, C.V.C. will do it’s best to find enough interest to open up the desired formats. The bottom line is to play, have fun, and feel great while doing it, no matter where you play.

                                         Our motto:  "Life's too short not to play!"



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